Electroplating on plastics

Through plating the particular properties of plastics, light weight, design flexibility and economy of manufacturing, are enhanced by the addition of properties usually associated with metals. These include reflectiveness, abrasion resistance, electrical conductivity and a variety of decorative surfaces.

We offer the highest quality of surfaces such as bright chromium, matt chromium, , "alulook" (which is the surface most closely resembling polished
aluminium), bright gold, matt gold, silver, bright nickel, matt nickel and copper.

Other finishes are also available upon request. 


Injection moulding & Tools

The quality of the mouldings for plating are one of the most important factors of the process. Poor mouldings give poor results.

In large scale production at least 50% of all problems associated with the plating of plastic parts can be attributed to either design or operational moulding faults.

NORDANIC A/S gladly undertakes your moulding assignments as total solution.

We cooperate with Danish and foreign moulders with great expertise within production of tools as well as plastic moulding.

Nordanic is pleased to undertake to be part of the development process from the very beginning  from production of test tools to moulding of the first test items.

By using Nordanic as supplier of total solutions, finished items are delivered – without any worries.

Project management

Extensive experience in managing complex projects.

In our experience, a product’s success is created in the development and implementation stages. Nordanic ensures that the project process helps make the product a successful one. We have extensive experience in managing complex projects. We have experience in both large and small outsourcing projects and in the development of new components as well as complete systems. 

When a project is launched, we set up a project organization that works on the project throughout its planning, implementation and maintenance stages. The project organization consists of a project manager and a project team made up of experts in quality management, process engineering, materials properties, automation, tools, construction, design, logistics, sales and other fields. The project organization ensures an efficient planning, coordination, problem-solving and implementation of the project

Major reasons why more modern designers are turning to
plated plastic components.

  • They have a hard metal surface of high abrasion resistence which will withstand all common cleansing products.
  • They will withstand temperature levels of about 20° Celsius higher than unplated parts.
  • They are much stronger after plating, but still remain of light weight.
  • They are usually much cheaper than equivalent metal components.
  • The component can be used as an insulator against heating and cooling.
  • They shield against electric interference.
  • Highly attractive matt, patterned and brightly polished finishes are available.

NORDANIC as a total supplier

  • Finished parts are delivered
  • No consideration must be given to scrapping of raw parts
  • The number of items ordered is delivered at fixed price and time agreed.
  • Saving time, disapointments and costs
  • No assignment is too small – no assignment is too comprehensive.

Let Nordanic supply the total solution - then you will have time for other important assignments!


Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is a problem in electronic industry. Plastic housings used for electronic computing devices and connectors allow the passage of electronic signal to interfere with the performance of electronic equipment such as radio and television receivers. EMI can be eliminated by changing to metal housings but these are often inappropriate and uneconomic.

Nordanic offers the highest quality of metallisation or coating systems for
electronic shielding of plastic housings.


Nordanic offers a wide range of finishing of plastic components. Among these tampo printing, laser decoration, metal finishing, and assembly. By collecting as many pieces as possible under one roof you not only reduce the amount of transportation but at the same time you also strengthened control over the quality and feasibility of continuous product improvement. Finished components are packaged and delivered in accordance with our customers’ wishes., e.g. the components packed in transport units ready for re-finishing at the customer.


Nordanic has many years of experience with lasermarking and printing on plated  components. Through our great expertise and knowledge of lasermarking and printing, we can guarantee a high finish and a final product that matches customer requirements. Lasermarking can be used for labeling with serial number, product name, logo, barcodes and day & night design on chrome plated parts for automotive interiors.

Nordanic provides lasermarking for prototypes and serial production