Besides visual inspection, there are many tests that are performed to meet the highest precision, and quality standards.

High performance for each part is required as all parts must pass different tests to ensure the accuracy of the plating surface.

Examples of tests we perform in our well-equipped laboratory:

  • Coating thickness measurement
  • STEP test
  • Cross-hatch test
  • Temperature change test 
  • Climatic test (inc. long-term)
  • CASS test



Quality is never a coincidence, always a result of the intelligent and skillful execution and hard working.

"Optimization of processes and systems"

We work continuously to optimize our processes and systems to ensure that we provide the best possible quality with the minimal environmental impact. Our business processes, controls, and documentation are formulated on the basis of the most stringent requirement.

"the right product, at the right time, in the right place"

We  will thereby meet our customers expectations for defect-free goods within the framework defined and specified by management, including for the products to be compliant with relevant requirements of the authorities.

"Cutting-edge company"

Regular investments in new machinery and technology makes Nordanic a cutting-edge company. Whilst a full program of targeted employee training for each and every staff member ensures that we can always follow the required procedures and meet customer requirements.

"Quality policy is
complied with by targeted efforts in all functions"

Management and staff will ensure that the company's quality policy is complied with by targeted efforts in all functions which directly or indirectly contribute to purchasing, production and sales.

"Communicate rapidly"

We work continuously to integrate information technology into all company processes. This ensures that we can communicate rapidly and effectively with our customers as well as managing production planning of even the most difficult tasks effectively – all the way from raw material purchasing to the finished product

"Internal training courses and coaching"

Management will ensure that the quality policy is understood and implemented, which includes holding internal training courses and coaching to maintain the high level of qualification of the staff.

NORDANIC A/S has therefore set up and maintains a wide-ranging quality management
system, planned and developed to meet the requirements of ISO 9001


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Nordanic is enjoying a lasting business relationship with a number of companies all over Europe and concentrates exclusively on PLATING ON PLASTIC parts,

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